Have you ever thought about the purpose of your existence on this earth, or questioned the meaning of your life? Do you ever wonder about the possibility of an afterlife? The answers to these fundamental questions lie in the hands of God, and He desires for you to discover the truth firsthand. By immersing yourself in the scriptures, communing with Him through prayer, and paying heed to the teachings of the prophets, you can gain a deep understanding of His message intended specifically for you.

God still speaks 

During difficult moments, it’s easy to feel disconnected or forgotten by God. It’s common for people to question if God is even aware of their struggles and if He’s leading and guiding them.

However, it’s important to remember that God is real and actively communicates with us. He’s the same God who rescued Noah from the flood, parted the Red Sea, and led the Israelites to the promised land. He still possesses the power to work wonders in your life. He’ll listen and respond to your prayers, and guide you through life. If you search for Him, He’ll help you comprehend His message meant specifically for you.

Ask questions in Prayer

In the book of Matthew, Jesus assures us that God always hears and responds to our prayers. He says, “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7). God desires to bless us, provide guidance, and impart wisdom. However, He may not answer the questions that we never pose to Him. By communicating with God through prayer, we demonstrate our faith in Him. We should inquire about His will for our lives and trust that our answers will come, albeit not necessarily right away or in the way we anticipate.

Read God’s word

The Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon are important books that tell us about God’s relationship with His people. We can learn about God’s character, how to have a close relationship with Him, and how we can go back to live with Him someday. God’s words and rules are always significant because He never changes.

Listen to prophets

God has been appointing prophets since a long time ago to guide His people. A prophet is someone who has been chosen by God to lead and give advice to the world. Although God’s rules are unchanging, the world around us is always changing. With the help of prophets, God helps us know how to face the different challenges and difficulties we encounter today. You can learn what God wants to tell you today by studying the teachings of prophets, apostles, and other spiritual leaders who were inspired by God.

What does God want you to know?

You may face different problems and situations in your life, but there are some important truths that apply to everyone. God wants you to know that you are important to Him and that He has a plan for you. He wants you to feel good about yourself and know that you are loved because you are.

What Is God’s Message for Me Today?

You have a purpose

The Bible and the Book of Mormon say that before we were born, we lived with God. We didn’t come to Earth by chance. We came here to get a body, learn to make good choices, and grow by facing challenges. When we die, we won’t really disappear. We will be raised again, like how Jesus was. If we choose to follow Jesus now, we can go back to living with Him and God in the future.

You can be happy

The Book of Mormon says that people are here to have happiness. God wants you to be happy, and that is why you are here. If you have faith in God and do your best to follow His rules, you will find joy and feel optimistic about what is to come.


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