Modern Virtue Names For Baby Boys And Girls

A virtuous life begins with a virtue name that never gets outdated.

Virtue names were popular among Puritans and have become trendy again in recent years. However, some of the old-fashioned Puritan names might seem old-fashioned now, so we’ve come up with some new virtue names for boys and girls.

These names represent qualities you’d like your child to have and can inspire them to be just and moral. We’ve put together a list of both classic and modern virtue names that we think would be great for kids today. Just keep scrolling to check them out!

Virtue Names For Boys

1. Leon: 

Leon is a Greek name that means “lion” because it comes from the Greek word “Leo”. In Greek stories, Leon was a huge creature who was defeated by Heracles. The earliest person we know of with this name was Leon of Sparta.

2. Aaron:

In the Old Testament, this name means “The exalted one”. In the Bible, he was Moses’ older brother and was mentioned as Moses’ spokesperson in several parts of the Bible.

3. Noble:

Noble is a name that means someone belongs to the aristocratic or noble class. It can also mean that the person has high moral principles or exceptional personal qualities.

4. Constance:

Constance is a Latin name that is traditionally used for girls. It means “firm of purpose” in Latin. The name can also be derived from the Latin word “Constantia”, which means “steadfastness” or “consistency”.

5. Gabriel:

Gabriel is a name that comes from the Hebrew name “Gabriel”, which means “God is my strength”. It became popular because of its association with the Biblical archangel Gabriel, who is mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

6. Joy:

This name has its origins in French and means “rejoice”. It became popular in the 17th century with American Puritans, who associated it with the phrase “Joy of the Lord”.

7. Caleb:

Caleb is a name that comes from Hebrew and means “devotion of a dog” or “to be bold”. It has a similar meaning to the Hebrew word “Kelev”, which means “dog”.

8. Noah:

Noah is a name that can be used as a first name or a last name. It comes from the biblical character Noah and represents comfort, rest, and stability in a person’s life.

9. Resolve:

This name means “to end conflicts”, whether they are internal or external. It carries a sense of purpose and fulfilment.

10. Clarity:

Clarity is a popular first name that has roots in both French and English languages. In both languages, the name means “lucid” or “clear”.

11. Regal:

Regal is a name with English and Latin origins. It is associated with royalty and the ruling class.

12. Isaac:

The original meaning of this name is “laughter” or “hilarity”. In mythology, it was given to the beloved son of Abraham and Sarah, named Isaac.

13. Levi:

The name Levi has a literary meaning of “joining” or “adhering”. In the Bible, Levi was the third son of Jacob and Leah and the leader of the priestly Levite tribe.

14. Seth:

The name Seth means “appointed”. In the Bible, Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve. It’s a simple and humble name that would be fitting for a baby boy.

15. Solomon:

The name Solomon has a literary meaning of “peaceful”. In history and mythology, the name is famous because King David’s son and successor was known by this name. He was known for his supreme wisdom and virtue.

16. Jesse:

The name Jesse has its origin in Latin, and it means ‘gift’ or ‘wealth’. In Hebrew, Jesse was the father of King David, as mentioned in the Bible.

17. Nathan:

The name Nathan comes from Latin and it means ‘gift’ just like Jesse. In the Bible, Nathan was a prophet who confronted David for causing the death of Bathsheba’s husband.

Virtue Names For Girls

18. Grace:

The name is of English origin and comes from the Latin word ‘gratia’ which means ‘God’s favor’.

19. Verity:

The name Verity is a popular first name for baby girls, as well as a surname. It comes from the Latin word “veritas” which means “truth” and symbolizes honesty and sincerity.

20. Honor:

This is a Latin name for baby girls. It means ‘honor’. Girls with this name tend to have strong personalities and uphold their principles in life.

21. Chastity:

This name comes from Latin and means ‘purity’ or ‘innocence’.

22. Faith:

The name comes from the Latin word Fides and it means having a strong and unwavering belief in God.

23. Hope:

This is an English baby name that is one of the three Christian virtues, alongside Faith and Charity. The name represents a positive outlook towards the future and a sense of optimism.

24. Destiny:

This name is commonly used in America and it represents the idea of a guaranteed good future or a promising destiny.

25. Prudence:

This is a girl’s name that comes from Latin, and it means “good judgment” or “wise decision-making”.

26. Trinity:

The name has Latin origins and represents the concept of ‘Three in One’, which is emphasized in the Bible.

27. Peace:

The name is a Latin baby girl name that means ‘calm’ or ‘peaceful’.

28. Amity:

This name is a popular English name for girls and it means ‘friendship’.

29. Mercy:

The name Mercy is an English name for girls, which comes from the Latin word ‘merces’. It means showing kindness, sympathy, and being willing to forgive.

30. Delilah:

This is a Hebrew name for baby girls and it means ‘loved one’.

31. Naomi:

The name is of Hebrew origin and is commonly used in Jewish culture. It means ‘pleasantness’ or ‘happiness’.

32. Rebecca:

The name is of Aramaic origin and is linked to the mythological figure of the ‘goddess of beauty.’

33. Temperance:

The name is commonly used as a virtue name for baby girls and originates from an old English word. Its meaning is ‘self-restraint’ or ‘moderation’.

34. Patience:

The name comes from the English word “patience,” which comes from the Latin word “patiencia.” It means to have the ability to remain calm and endure difficult situations. It is a virtue name commonly given to baby girls.

35. Charity:

This is an English baby name that comes from the Old French word ‘charite’ and it means to show love and compassion towards others.

Infographic: Modern Virtue Names For Boys And Girls

All parents wish for their children to possess positive qualities and become good individuals. If you want to inspire your baby to follow a righteous path, check out the infographic below for positive and virtuous names. Select the best name for your little one!


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