letter from jesus

A love letter from Jesus 

“My Dear Child,

I am Jesus, the son of God and the savior of the world. I came to this earth to bring hope, love, and salvation to all people. I died on the cross for the forgiveness of your sins, so that you may have eternal life with my Father in heaven.

Remember that you are loved deeply and unconditionally by God. No matter what you have
done or where you come from, there is always a place for you in God’s heart.
Trust in me and turn to me in times of trouble, and I will lift you up and
carry you through.

My letter to you is one of devotion and peace.  Love your neighbors as yourself, and strive
to bring peace to those around you. Forgive those who have wronged you, just as
God has forgiven you through me. Let my love transform you from the inside out,
so that you may be a shining light to all those around you.

Don’t be scared, for I’m with you always. Trust in God’s plan for your life, and have faith
that all effects will work together for good. I’ll never leave you nor leave
you. I bless you in my Father’s name. May you be filled with love, joy, and peace.

Yours in Christ, Jesus.”

Letter from Jesus 

“My child
As you go about your day, remember that you are not alone. I am always with you, guiding
you and giving you strength. No matter what challenges you may face have faith
and trust in me. I will never abandon you or leave you to face your struggles

Take comfort in the knowledge that you are precious and loved by God. You have been created
with a purpose, and that purpose is to bring glory to God and to bring love and
light into the world. Your worth is not determined by the opinions of others or
by your successes or failures. Instead, your worth is found in the fact that
you are a child of God, created in his image and loved beyond measure.

Do not be afraid to step out in faith and follow my example. Take up your cross and
follow me, trusting that I will lead you to the path of peace and fulfillment.
You have been given gifts and talents by God, and it is through using them to
serve others so that you will find true happiness and fulfillment.

Remember to love one another, for love is at the heart of God’s kingdom. Love your enemies
and pray for those who persecute you, for in doing so you will show the world
the love and grace of God. Let your love shine bright, so that all may see your
good works and glorify your Father in heaven.  Stay strong in the faith, and know that I am always with you.

Yours in Christ, Jesus.”


Jesus Letter For You 

“My dear friends
In a world filled with darkness and uncertainty, it can be easy to feel lost and afraid.
But I am here to remind you that there is always hope. When you trust in me and
turn to me in prayer, you will find the peace and comfort you seek.

The journey of faith can be challenging at times, but it is also filled with joy and
beauty. As you draw closer to me and grow in your relationship with God, you
will experience the love and grace that can only come from heaven.

Do not be discouraged by the obstacles you face, for I have overcome the world. Trust
that my power is made perfect in your weakness, and that I will use even your
struggles to bring you closer to me.

Always seek to do the will of my Father in heaven. Listen for his voice and follow his
guidance, even when it may be difficult. Remember that he loves you and has a
plan for your life and that his plan is always good.

Be a witness for me in the world, sharing my message of love and hope with those around you.
Show the world the love and grace of God, and be a shining light in the
darkness. Stay close to me, my friends, and know that my love for you will never fade.

Yours in Christ, Jesus.”

Jesus Letter For You Today 

Dear friends,
I hope this message finds you well and filled with love. As followers of Jesus, we are

called to live a life of compassion, kindness, and love towards others, just as
our savior lived. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves and to
forgive those who wrong us, even our enemies. This can be a difficult path to
follow, but with God’s grace and guidance, we can strive to live a life that
honors Him.

Remember, we are all children of God, created in His image and loved beyond measure. No
matter what we may face in this world, we can find peace and comfort in knowing
that God is always with us and will never forsake us. So, let us live our lives
with joy, hope, and love, spreading the message of Jesus to all we meet.

May God bless you and keep you in His love. With love and blessings,

A fellow follower of Jesus.


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