God is saying to you today, this is a season of suddenly. God is about to do it suddenly. Whatever, you believe God for expected suddenly. Prepare for it. There’s an awakening in the hearts of many. His spirit is moving.

There’s a great cry of victory coming to many of God’s faithful people. I see broken hearts being restored. Beauty for Ashes? This season is truly different. Whatever, he promised.

Prepare Get your running shoes on suddenly. And all the people that God had prepared the people for the thing was done suddenly. Like this video if you have a belief in God. Behold, the Lord has placed a brand new door in front of you.

Open it. October is the beginning for many. It’s your season. The way has been made from October through December. Brand new beginnings are being presented. This will all push to your place of promise. Wow.

Truly a beautiful season full of favour in God’s personal promises. Type 1111 to claim it. Engagements are coming. Kingdoms, spouses are coming. The Spirit of the Lord has spoken. Some of you will be going into 2024 with your answered prayer.

God is blessing Kingdom marriages in this season. Marriages that will flourish and never give up. Marriages that will represent Christ ‘s love for us. Many of you are stepping into your season of God ordained love, and it’ll be so beautiful.

I know you see your pain and you don’t understand it. You often question the father and his motives and letting you face the pain of the valley, but child, it’s so much more than you know. The pain is pushing you and pressing you to the promise.

The pain is birthing something brand new in the midst and you don’t even know it. The pain is setting you up for your greatest miracle. God is about to do it for you suddenly. There’s a transition upon you right now that’s had you uncomfortable and weary.

But your end of the year miracle is still set to come. There’s still plenty of time for him to do it this year. Time. 2/22. To affirm this to yourself. Child of God, don’t let the world fool you. You are right on schedule.

The false narrative that you have to have it all together by a certain age or time frame is a lie. We’re all different people with our own unique journeys. I know you see others receiving the things you spend more time praying for and you feel behind, but that doesn’t mean you’re good gift isn’t coming the way the time the place has already been set.

You’re right on time. And that beautiful gift is worth the wait. One day soon you will wake up and it all will make sense. You’ll know why you had to go through the pain. You will realize that God was always listening and he was always making a way.

You will be so full of joy and a deep understanding of the battle. Just wait until you see the blessing behind this battle. You’ll see soon. Type yes if you believe. Everything is about to change. From one way to another. From waiting on it to walking in it. From crying to laughter, from broken to hole, from empty to restore, the father is moving in moments. It’s a powerful season. Praise him in advance, for victory is upon us.

Nothing will soon be the same. A brand new season? A brand new You, blessed, healed, and restored. Type. I’m abundant. To claim. God just dropped this in my spirit.

Christmas will come early this year. Many of you will be spending Christmas with your promise this year. This word has so much confirmation to all God is doing. He’s moving powerfully and strategic.

You’re goanna know it was only done by his strength. Something powerful is taking place now. Don’t miss this season. Some of you have entered your now. Hi. 444. To affirm this. I know this year has been hard.

I know you expected so much more from it, but God is still not done blessing you. There is still a few more months for God to show up for you. Up and show I feel this power. I feel his presence. He is moving. The atmosphere has changed.

Something supernatural is taking place. For many, the Spirit of the Lord is saying these next few months are crucial. This will be a supernatural season of crossing over into your promised land. The Good Father is taking care of your enemies as you are finally about to enter the beautiful land you were promised.

You have entered a season of open doors. The door shall be open, and no man can shut it. What has been locked shall now be unlocked. What has been shut will now be opened supernaturally. This season of sudden open doors has begun. Walk through to your land of milk and honey. Type yes if you agree.

During the last quarter of this year. God’s gonna blow your mind. Prepare. The art is up, about to show up and show out in your life. Your enemies are about to wish they had treated you better. You have reached a turning point.

The atmosphere has already changed and any moment now you’re gonna see it in the natural. Prepare. It’s gonna be so big. For many of you. Get ready. Prepare. Prepare for the promise to show up any moment now. God has already released it. Don’t go by how it looks. Go by what your spirit says. It’s time. Get ready. From waiting on it to living, it suddenly is your portion to season.

You’re about to enter into a relationship only God can take credit for. You didn’t wait this long for nothing. He has a wonderful Kingdom marriage coming. And it was prepared just for you. Time.

I am ready to shine. To affirm. Activate the flow of unlimited wealth, happiness, pleasure, freedom and confidence into your life by making one tiny change to your morning routine. Would you want it? Check link in comments below to know the wealth secrets to attract an abundance of wealth. Subscribe to our channel if you love God. Some of y’all are really about to see your promise come to pass. I keep hearing heavy shouts of cry.

But a beautiful cry. I hear shouts of. God did it. And my heart is moved. His spirit is here right now. It brings me great joy to say get ready. Immediate shift is upon us. I feel changing the wind. Something is shifting. God is on the move.

Many are about to step into a season of abundance. One blessing after another. Hallelujah. God has put a demand on your breakthrough. The promise must come now. Someone is about to receive. Oh father, let every promise bloom.

Hear the cries of our hearts. You’ve seen every tear in Trial. You know how hard this has been. Hear the cries of our hearts and bless the desires. Let our faith make us whole. Even tonight. Type yes to affirm this.

Your Kingdom marriage has a significant purpose for the Kingdom of God. Waiting is hard, but your future marriage is strategic and will do wonders for many. It’s so much more significant than you even know.

May you soon find yourself in a relationship you’ve been seeking God and praying for. May you finally get to say. Wow, it’s here and I pray for this. You might feel as though you’re in the desert, but God is about to send rain.

There is a place he’s going to carry you to, and this place is far from your pain and past mistakes. This place is new. This place is You will be a new you, covered in His love and unfailing grace. You will have the desires of your heart, and the pain will be overshadowed by heavy shouts and joy.

This is your portion, beautiful soul. He won’t leave you like this. Type. 888. If you are ready. To your broken soul, God is going to restore you as if it never happened. The pain will soon fade and be replaced with love.

But not just any love. The love you’ve always prayed for and desire. God is currently placing the pieces together, and he’s about to restore you. Your life will soon be beautiful again. The battle ends today. Victory is upon you. Enough is enough. The battle is ending. In. Victory is your new portion. It’s time to burst the promise.

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