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Pick a name that reflects how your baby signifies hope and new beginnings in your life.

When a baby is born, it starts a new chapter in a parent’s life. If you want to keep this feeling going, you can give your child a name that means “new beginning.” These names come from different languages and cultures, and they all represent starting fresh.

They are one-of-a-kind, trendy, and beautiful, which will remind your child how much you value them and how grateful you are for their existence. If this sounds like how you feel about your baby, then take a look at the list of names we’ve compiled.

Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth For Girls

1. Alba:

The name “Alba” has become popular again, and it’s all because of the actress Jessica Alba. Last year, more than 150 baby girls were given this name, which shows how much people like it nowadays. The name “Alba” means “dawn” in Spanish and Italian.

2. Amaryllis:

If you’re into fancy names of flowers that represent new beginnings, you might like the name “Amaryllis”. It’s a Greek word that means “new and fresh”. In Greek poems, “Amaryllis” is a name given to beautiful women who live in the countryside.

3. Anastasia:

The name “Anastasia” used to be a scary and royal Russian name, but now it’s becoming more popular in different places like Ireland, ancient Britain, and America. “Anastasia” means “resurrection or rebirth”, which makes it a great choice for a baby born in spring or around Easter. The name is famous because of Princess Anastasia, who was the daughter of the last Czar of Russia.

4. Aurora:

The name “Aurora” comes from Latin, and it means “dawn”, which symbolizes new beginnings. It was the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise, and people believed that her tears turned into dew. This beautiful name is also connected to the Northern Lights, which is a breathtaking natural event. If you want a cute and unusual nickname for “Aurora”, you can call her “Rory”.

5. Ausra:

The name “Dawn” is very popular among baby girls in Lithuania. It’s a beautiful name that means “dawn”. Interestingly, there’s also a newspaper company in Lithuania that has the same name.

6. Avil:

Avil, meaning ‘renewal’, is a fresh spin of common names such as Aviva or Avril. In the US, the name is freshly back in the top 1000 list after a hiatus of three decades.


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7. Ayelet:

The Hebrew name that means “dawn” is not very common, but it’s becoming more well-known because of the novelist Ayelet Waldman who was born in Jerusalem. Her name is unique and might be a bit difficult to pronounce, but it’s worth considering if you want a name that has a special meaning.

8. Chae-Won:

If you’re looking for a unique name for your baby girl, you might consider the Korean name “Chae-Won”. It means “beginning” and is not a very common name, which makes it even more special.

9. Eos:

If you’re searching for a unique name for your baby, you might like the name “Eos”. It’s an ancient name that comes from the Greek goddess of dawn. Even though it’s an old name, it has a modern and cool vibe to it.

10. Fatiha:

The Arabic name “Fatiha” is quite common in many Middle Eastern and African countries. It means “beginning or first”, and it’s a great option if you’re looking for an interesting and beautiful name for your baby. Another spelling variation of “Fatiha” is “Fathiya”.

11. Genesis:

The name “Genesis” comes from the first book of the Bible, but it’s not as old-fashioned as you might think. People have been using it for both boys and girls for many years. Recently, it has become more popular for girls, with over 4000 baby girls being given this name in 2013. Since then, it hasn’t decreased in popularity. If you want a unique nickname, you can use “Gen” instead of the more common “Jen”.


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12. Iola:

The name “Iola” means “violet dawn”. It might seem old-fashioned since it was last heard on the Carol Burnett Mama’s Family show. However, it’s a beautiful name and still a great option today. Just to clarify, “Iola” is a three-syllable name, and the “I” is pronounced as “eye”.

13. Kia:

Kia is a simple and sweet name with African origins, which means ‘new beginnings or season’s beginning’. It’s an old name but still perfect for modern times. If you want to make the name look more stylish, spell it as Kiah.

14. Nova:

The name Nova, which means ‘new’, has become popular again in recent times. It has moved up more than 300 spots since 2013 and is now one of the top 200 names. Nova is also a term used in astronomy to describe a star that suddenly becomes very bright and then fades. The name is also associated with Nova Pilbeam, a famous British actress.

Baby Names

15. Nyssa:

Nyssa is a Greek name that means “new beginning” and is popular around the world, especially in America and surrounding regions. The name became even more popular after being featured in the British science fiction series “Doctor Who”.

Baby Names That Mean New Beginning And Rebirth For Boys

16. Altan:

This short and sweet Turkish name is enjoying well-deserved favor, not just in Europe, but also in several parts of America. While Altan traditionally began as a surname, it would make an excellent option as a first or middle name too. Altan is a unisex name but has lately been in use more for boys than girls. The meaning of Altan is ‘red dawn’.


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17. Dagian:

Dagian is an English name for baby boys that means ‘dawn’. It has a unique and attractive sound. You can even use the nickname Dag, which is very cool.

18. Fresco:

Fresco is a unique first name that used to be a common last name. Famous people like Dutch scientist Louise Fresco and American polymath Jacque Fresco have had Fresco as their surname. However, Fresco sounds more fitting as a first name. The name comes from an Italian word that means ‘fresh’.

19. Janus:

The name Janus comes from the Roman God who represents transitions, which is why it’s associated with the first month of the year and new beginnings. This name also has royal connections as it was once the name of the King of Cyprus.

20. Nouvel:

The name “Nouvel” is a French name that means “new”. It became more popular when famous architect Jean Nouvel gained fame, but it gained even more attention when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie used it as a middle name for their child, Shiloh. Although it is a unisex name, it has a more masculine sound.

Infographic: Baby Names That Mean New Beginnings And Rebirth

If you’re looking for a name that symbolizes new beginnings for your baby, check out the infographic below. Your baby’s arrival is a joyous occasion that marks the start of an exciting new phase in your life, so why not choose a name that reflects that?

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